TJ Watt is an award-winning nature and conservation photographer from Victoria, British Columbia. Combining his passion for rainforest conservation with professional photography, he sheds light on BC’s endangered old-growth forests in an effort to help see them saved. A self-confessed 'big-tree hunter', TJ can often be found driving long back roads and exploring remote regions of Vancouver Island in search of the last old-growth giants.

His compelling images have helped bolster environmental campaigns led by organizations like the Ancient Forest Alliance (of which he is a co-founder), the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, Sierra Club of BC, Canopy, and the David Suzuki Foundation, and have played a pivotal role in securing the protection of multiple endangered areas such as the now-famous Avatar Grove on Vancouver Island and a significant portion of Echo Lake on the Lower Mainland of BC. TJ's shots of the country's biggest trees and largest stumps have been featured in museums, magazines, books, newspapers, television news, and art exhibits across Canada and around the world.

TJ is currently available for both local and international photo assignments. Please get in touch to discuss working together.