A Trip Along N500


A couple of months ago I took a solo day trip along logging road N500 that runs along part of the Jordan Ridge. This road is reached with a left hand turn off of Northern Main, the entrance of which is located just before China Beach. This big lonely fir tree was one of the first sights of the day. GPS: 48.48268, -124.08981


The road then winds around what is mostly young second growth trees. After awhile though you end up passing through some gorgeous bog forests. The stunted trees growing out of these landscapes turn it into a lifesize bonzai world.


Due to the acidic and anaerobic conditions of bogs, wood that has fallen in is preserved for hundreds or even thousands of years. This makes it prime wood for dendrochronology, often providing records much older than living trees.


Seen here is one of the newest cuts along N500. GPS:48.48079, -124.10226


A mountain stream runs out of a culvert and into a mass of wood waste in the same Western Forest Products clearcut.


On my way out I noticed a second large Fir that had been left uncut. These trees serve as an impressive reminder to what once stood in an area but do little else. The interconnected ecosystem of which they were once part of has been entirely altered. And once the winter winds arrive, these trees are prone to snapping or toppling over due to the lack of the surrounding forest they once had.