From Above: Nitinat Lake Region, Klanawa Valley, & Lake Cowichan

Exploring and documenting BC’s old-growth forests and the impacts of industrial logging on the ground is a monumental task, especially in more remote areas. One can spend days, weeks, months, driving logging roads in search of the next giant tree - or giant clearcut - and you still wouldn't be able to see it all. So when Nick Temos of the Pacific Northwest Collective approached me to with the idea to have the Ancient Forest Alliance collaborate with his group on conservation issues - which included the amazing opportunity to fly over these landscapes - I jumped at it. After meeting for coffee and discussing potential endangered areas to focus on over summer, Nick suggested we get up in the air that afternoon to practice shooting some photos and communicating ideas. Our route took us from Victoria over Duncan, up the Cowichan Valley and over the Nitinat Lake region, including the Nitinat Triangle, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Cheewhat Lake, Oyees Lake, and Doobah Lake. We also spent some time over the Klanawa Valley, documenting the devastating impacts of old-growth logging by Western Forest Products. I'm hugely grateful for Nick and the Pacific Northwest Collective's interest in furthering conservation efforts from a birds-eye-view. Expect to see the results of many more flights in the near future!