Avatar Grove Boardwalk Construction - September 2015

Since 2012, I've worked as the Project Coordinator for the boardwalk construction at Avatar Grove, leading teams of dedicated volunteers each summer to improve the trails of the famed-forest near Port Renfrew. The Grove's popularity has steadily risen each year since 2009 when I first came across it, to today, where hundreds of visitors can be found walking the trails on busier weekends. With that growth, the need to protect the forest floor from the impact of trampling feet grows with it. The boardwalk also helps increase the safety of those visiting and allows them spend more time looking at the trees and surroundings instead of the next tripping hazard. The project we worked on this round was challenging to say the least - 2 major platforms and 2 staircases leading down a root and rock covered slope near the top of the trail in the Upper Grove. We lost count of the trips it took to get our tools, generator, and heavy lumber up the steep and slippery trail from the road each day. In the end though we finished yet another piece of the boardwalk puzzle. I hope that by summer of next year, most of the major work will be complete and people of almost all ages and abilities will be able to experience the grandeur of this forest first hand. It truly is a one-of-a-kind place :)

Here I am checking out the latest construction of boardwalk in the Avatar Grove!