Mossome Grove Tree Climb

Wow - what an experience!! Our good friends over at Expedition Old-Growth recently helped us ascend, measure, and document the tallest Sitka spruce tree in Mossome Grove near Port Renfrew! This incredible tree, which measures over 10ft wide at the base, came in at 246.5ft (75m) tall - as tall as a 23 story building! Its huge trunk splits in two about a third of the way up as well, creating two impressive and towering stems. Add in the mosses, ferns, and lichens and it was a beauty to behold! The experience of being high up in these ancient trees is virtually indescribable. Magical, exhilarating, and humbling might be a start. If this looks cool to you, be sure to check out and see when they're leading their next public tours. And while you're at it, be sure to ask the NDP government to implement old-growth protection policies that ensure places like this remain standing for generations to come: