Moon Halo Rainbow

Just last week I stepped outside into my backyard and was treated to the most amazing display in the sky. I have seen halos around the moon before but nothing quite as beautiful as this. Multiple rainbows encircling a full moon, quietly floating in the air. Mother nature never fails to astound me with her abilities to create unimaginable beauty - and then in an instant, let it vanish into thin air.

New Night Photos


This is a tiny two room abandoned house I visited in the middle of the night. Two police cars actually pulled up on the road nearby with their lights on while I was shooting. It had my heart going quick but it just so happened that they were only pulling somebody over nearby and never even noticed me.


I had been eying up this firetruck to light paint for a long time. It was absolutely pitch black when lighting it in the forest. Nice to bring it alive for one night again after all the years it sat there.


This was the second trip back to this old 68' GMC. Upon inspecting the files from the first trip I discovered they were somehow just out of focus and I had to redo it. Lighting was quite technical and time consuming for this shot involving two flashes, remote triggers, three different colored gels, a flashlight, lots of numbers, and patience.