Press: British Columbia Magazine - Vancouver Island's Ancient Trees

Here's an article in the latest British Columbia Magazine about visiting the old-growth forests of the Port Renfrew region along the "Circle Route" which features 6 of my big tree shots! It also raises the plight of the old-growth forests in the Walbran Valley, Horne Mountain (above Cathedral Grove), and Mossy Maple Grove, and includes a blurb about the Ancient Forest Alliance. Pick up a hardcopy of the latest issue to read the article today!

P.S. Here's a big tree map that you can print out and take with you:

Press: Soar Magazine on Avatar Grove, Ancient Forest Alliance, and Tourism in Port Renfrew, BC

Soar Magazine has featured some photos and quotes from me surrounding old-growth forests and the benefits of eco-tourism to the town of Port Renfrew, BC. From a town who's economy was largely based on logging since the late 1800's, the transition to big tree tourism has been a novel approach, and that after being fully embraced, is truly taking off!

Road Trip: BC Interior and Alberta - August 2015

Back home now after 2 weeks summer vacation and 2804 km of travel through the BC interior and parts of Alberta. Quite the change in scenery from my usual trips to see big trees! This time it was big mountains and gentle rolling prairies. The focus of the trip was to spend some relaxing time with my partner and not to shoot that many photos but I still snapped a few. Here are some of my favourites from various parts of our trip which included seeing Waterton, Banff, Glacier, and Revelstoke National Parks, amongst many other areas :)