Press: 2 Portraits for Canadian Wildlife Magazine

I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing two great individuals for the July/August edition of Canadian Wildlife magazine. Alana Krug-MacLeod was awarded the Youth Conservation Award and Brent Cooke the Robert Bateman Award (given to one who brings awareness and conservation through artistic work). It's always a fun yet somewhat nerve wracking challenge shooting environmental portraits on location but it's also great way to get to know someone and their unique story in brief window of time and an opportunity to showcase them in a beautiful light.

For Alana's shot we walked around the Pearson College Campus in Metchosin until we found this nice glowing Garry oak meadow. The harsh midday sun was challenge in most areas but here the leaves helped filter it. I crouched down low in the grass and used the Canon 580EXII strobe as a fill light.

For Brent's shot we trekked around some nice forest trails near his house before deciding on this beautiful mountain top arbutus scene at sunset. Here I used the last rays of sun as a rim light while shooting my Vivitar 285 strobe through a white umbrella on a light stand as a soft fill.