Bonsai Tree at Fairy Lake - Port Renfrew

This little hemlock tree at Fairy Lake near Port Renfrew is simply incredible. Growing out of a submerged log, its never had the resources to get much bigger than a few feet tall - even though it's known to be about 30-40 years old. It must also be one of the most photographed trees on Vancouver Island. No two photos are quite the same though as the surrounding scenery is always changing - fall vs. spring, morning vs. evening, drought vs. flood. Below are a couple images I captured this fall, one on a misty morning sunrise and the other just a week later after very heavy rains nearly submerged the tree. A few times a year the water level gets so high that the tree goes completely under water. How it survives that and the constant attention it receives, I'm not quite sure, but I'm always thankful for its zen-like presence amidst our busy and chaotic world.