Vancouver Island - Ancient Forest Clearcut

I took this shot of an old-growth clearcut in the Gordon River Valley on southern Vancouver Island in 2010. It serves as a haunting reminder of the continued threat these forests face. 75% of Vancouver Island's original productive old-growth forests have been logged including 90% of the valley bottoms where the biggest trees grow and richest biodiversity is found.

Without legislated protection from the BC government, the last of our globally rare ancient temperate rainforests will continue to be logged off and replaced with second-growth tree plantations. These tree plantations do not adequately replicate the former old-growth ecosystem that was lost and are typically re-logged within 50-70 years.

With so little of our original old-growth forests left it only makes sense to transition to sustainable logging in second-growth forests instead which now constitute the vast majority of the landscape. By doing so we will help protect our air, water, climate and wildlife, as well as our jobs, into the future.

To help save BC's endangered old-growth forests please sign and share this online petition.