World Oceans Day Aerial Art Event

On Tuesday, June 8th, I had the amazing opportunity to photograph a spectacular aerial art event put on to celebrate World Oceans Day. Close to 1,000 children came together in black-and-white T-shirts on the grounds of Rockheights Middle School to form the outline of a marbled murrelet -- a threatened species of sea bird that depends on old-growth forests for nesting.

Artist Daniel Dancer "painted" the background to complete the picture using soil, 200 white bed sheets and recycled blue jeans. We then ascended in boom lifts over 100ft above the ground to photograph the image from above. The image was later published in the Times Colonist.

The children participating in the event were absolutely wonderful! Everyone was super excited to be part of the bigger picture and raise awareness of the endangered species.

First Nation singers also welcomed and celebrated the event taking place in their traditional territory. Thanks to everyone who came together and made this such a successful day!