2012 International Conservation Photography Awards Exhibit

This past June I traveled to the Burke Museum of Natural History in Seattle, WA for the 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards. I was lucky enough to have placed 2nd in the "Natural Environment at Risk" category with my image of a man standing on a giant stump within a foggy old-growth clearcut on Vancouver Island. The exhibit showcased a stunning array of photography from around the world depicting both the beauty and destruction facing planet Earth. It was the most powerful collection of photographs and stories I have ever viewed in one location. The event organizers did a terrific job and I was happy to have been given the opportunity to present an hour long slideshow around the Ecology and Politics of BC's Endangered Ancient Forests. Congratulations to everyone featured in the show and for the great work you're all doing! If you haven't had a chance yet to view the exhibit, it runs until Nov.25th of this year.